Professional Engineering Product Development

Professional Engineering Product Development

High volume electro-mechanical parts, plastics. light, safety, coatings and paints. Design and supplier launch for hire.

Kent Booker – Entrepreneur, Businessman and Engineer

I specialize in new product launch of electromechanical plastic parts, with over 60 million examples of my work in the marketplace. I also own FedEx Franchises in Riverside, CA.

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This patent pending device changes oily skin to normal skin with a treatment every morning!

Assisted UR24 Technology with some straightforward materials choices for there medical device as well as patent assistance.

Working with Maverik Barbell in rolling out their new weightlifting products, including engineering design drawings, and supplier quality and engineering documenation for successful supplier launch

Working on manufacturability for electric car charging station concrete formworks, saving construction tine with mass produced forms made out of plastic.

Potato Corner

We are investigating new business with Potato Corner on a new automated french frying system in cooperation with Maverick PDM!

What I Do

25 Years Experience in the Transportation Industry.

I spent 8 years in UAW manufacturing, 8 in design and 9 in design management and technical specialist roles. My specialties include high volume plastics design, paint and coatings, light and optics, and complex Federal Safety Standards

Hands On The Products —Concept to Launch

As a Design Responsible Engineer and Manager for Ford, GM and Navistar International Truck, I spent all my time at the Product Development Centers from Industrial Design to Factory Floor Launch – 6 major and 29 minor programs

When Plastics Meets Physics, Pushing the Envelope

In the Body Engineering Specialty, exterior lighting is considered the top of the profession due to complex physics, appearance requirements, and Federal Safety Requirements. Headlights and sheet metal are the longest lead parts of a car

Some of My Work You May Have Seen

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Newport Beach, CA